A Year of Enough

Sharing the adventure


Stop hoarding todos and breathe

What I do is balanced and supported by all I don't do. I've never been great at balance. Or taking deep breaths. Seems I'm learning both now.

Asking for help

When I hoard todos and refuse to ask for help, I stifle the Enough Economy. A lesson I recently learned for the bazillionth time.

Blurring the edges

Seeking work life balance suggests we don't work during the life part. We work all the time. Here is how I am blurring the edges.

Resistance is our strengthener

My inner resistance to this practice is solidifying, concretizing. Simultanously, I am developing muscles I've never had and always needed.

Doing enough: the first of many

In which I demonstrate my unrealistic relationship with TODO lists and wonder if, maybe, that relationship will change this year. Maybe.