A Year of Enough

Sharing the adventure

Blurring the edges

Seeking work life balance suggests we don't work during the life part. We work all the time. Here is how I am blurring the edges.

Enough of what? An exercise.

A writing exercise to uncover 'enough of what?' in which I share TMI and link to cool stuff.

Resistance is our strengthener

My inner resistance to this practice is solidifying, concretizing. Simultanously, I am developing muscles I've never had and always needed.

Doing enough: the first of many

In which I demonstrate my unrealistic relationship with TODO lists and wonder if, maybe, that relationship will change this year. Maybe.

There's no such thing as enough sugar

Imagine the holidays with no sugar, including flour and alcohol. Horrifying thought or joyful ideal? I've never enjoyed food more.

Christmas enough

Becoming free from the empty drama of "enough" at the holidays may require years of experimentation. But what matters most is knowing that your time, energy and attention are the most valuable things.