A Year of Enough

Sharing the adventure

And then it got hard

It has been three weeks since I posted. In part because some difficult work consumed my writing energy. But mostly, because I ran smack into something I didn't want to say out loud.

Stop hoarding todos and breathe

What I do is balanced and supported by all I don't do. I've never been great at balance. Or taking deep breaths. Seems I'm learning both now.

Asking for help

When I hoard todos and refuse to ask for help, I stifle the Enough Economy. A lesson I recently learned for the bazillionth time.


I don't enjoy competition yet can be quite competitive. What's that about? How is competition related to being enough?

Making nut milk

I recently made almond milk. It was so easy, I wondered if there are other products I buy that I don't need. Which made me wonder why I love 'products' (instead of food) in the first place ...

The enough retrospective

When I look back on the last ten years, I can see where I've experienced enough. Where I haven't. And how I can change so the next ten years are more than enough. Wanna try?