A Year of Enough

Sharing the adventure

Wisdom crafting

Wisdom crafters are seekers of a xphilosophic sunrise. They work hard, often in the shadows, to discover insights that change our view of things. Sometimes gently. Sometimes like a bolt of lighting.

In the midst of this

In the midst of the pandemic, during a retreat, I take a breath. When I stop constantly swimming towards more, I discover enough.

Notes from our home in New York

I wanted to live a Year of Enough. Now, I live in a pandemic epicenter where there is no more. Ironic, don't you think? Inside all the uncertainty, I'm discovering the seeds of enough.

Educating at home during viral times

In the midst of the pandemic, many colleagues are working while their kids are schooling at home. A few have asked, via social media, for strategies. Having homeschooled for ten years, I have some! Here they are.

And then it got hard

It has been three weeks since I posted. In part because some difficult work consumed my writing energy. But mostly, because I ran smack into something I didn't want to say out loud.

Stop hoarding todos and breathe

What I do is balanced and supported by all I don't do. I've never been great at balance. Or taking deep breaths. Seems I'm learning both now.